Now Ola Electric scooter will be charged instantly, this will be amazing with Israeli XFC battery technology


new Delhi. Ola Electric has partnered with Israeli company StoreDot to manufacture Extreme Fast Charging (XFC) technology batteries. With this partnership, Ola Electric will be able to use StoreDot’s XFC technology in its battery. XFC technology has the ability to charge the battery from 0 to 100% in just 5 minutes. The company hopes that the use of batteries equipped with this technology in its scooter will go a long way in attracting customers.

With this partnership, Ola will have exclusive rights to make fast-charging batteries with the help of this special technology. This will benefit its customers and they will be able to charge the scooter instantly. Ola Electric has revealed this through a press release. However, the company has not disclosed how much it has invested in the Israeli company. It is worth noting that Ola has already made its bid for advanced chemistry cell battery storage under the government’s PLI scheme.

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Ola to set up gigafactory

Ola is considering setting up a gigafactory for timely supply of electric scooters. In a tweet, Bhavish Aggarwal said, “We are partnering with global companies working in this field. The partnership with StoreDot will provide consumers with better range and charging speed performance. Both the companies are fully committed to reduce pollution and protect the environment.

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prices may increase

A few days ago, Ola Electric had said that it will update its S1 Pro electric scooter with Move-OS 2.0 in April. In this updation, some new features will be added to this scooter. Features like cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity and navigation can be included in this. At the same time, there is also news that the company is also going to increase the prices of its electric scooters. The price hike may be applicable on the opening of the next purchase window of the scooter. However, the company has not said anything about this officially yet.

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