Now only the smoke of the car will drive your car


Imagine that the smoke coming out of your car is acting as energy for the vehicle. Your car’s electronic components get energy from the heat generated by the exhaust pipe of the car.

An American company has done this. Alphabet Energy Inc., a small California-based company, has invented a way to make a state-of-the-art thermoelectric material out of silicon. It can connect to any heat source and generate electricity. This method is called thermoelectricity.

Thermoelectricity has existed for a long time. The basic principle of converting heat into energy was discovered in 1821. NASA has also used this technology in some of its spacecraft since 1977.

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This technology of making electricity from smoke is being used continuously by a US company. With this technology, she is making electricity from the smoke coming out of the generator. (pixabay)

what is the process
Radioactive isotopes supply heat in this process. When a part of a thermoelectric material is heated, electrons flow from that part to the cooler part and thus electricity is generated.

Another technology related to why it was expensive till now
Until now, commercial thermoelectric technology has largely been produced using materials made from rare earth elements. These elements emanating from the earth are not only very less but also expensive. For this reason, this method could not come into vogue, because it was very expensive.

why is it cheap now
Now this company named Alphabet is making thermoelectric material from silicon itself, which is also very cheap. With this technology, energy can be generated through heat transfer. This information has also been given in the SPAN magazine published in India by America.

Right now electricity is being generated from the exhaust heat of the generator.
Alphabet technology produces electricity from the exhaust heat from the generator. This means that these generators will be more efficient. They may also be using diesel in small quantities. It also reduces carbon emissions. This is very useful for countries that have poor or less advanced electrical grids.

no maintenance cost
It is our very simple technology that makes the thermoelectric system work. In fact there is no maintenance cost.

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