Now the tire of the car will not be punctured, JK Tire launched a special technology, know everything


new Delhi. If his tire gets punctured while driving, then it becomes a big problem. The problem gets aggravated when the vehicle does not have an extra tire and a puncture repair shop is not found far and wide. For now, the solution to this problem has been found. Recently JK Tire has launched a new tire with the first puncture guard technology in the country.

A self-healing elastomer inner coat technology has been used in the puncture guard tire, which has been used in the interior of the tyre. It is an automatic process, through which the coat repairs the puncture of the tire itself. The company plans to use this technology in four wheeler tyres.

If this stuff is installed in the car, then it will cost Rs. 5,000. fine, case will be registered, know what is the reason?

puncture will be fine like this
If this tire gets punctured while driving, it can fix 6 mm deep punctures on its own. If your car is fitted with such tires equipped with puncture guard technology, then you will be able to travel without worrying about punctures. The company’s chairman and managing director (MD) Raghupati Singhania says that through this technology, vehicle owners will get high level of safety and convenience. According to the company, it has been tested in all types of on-road and off-road conditions in the country.

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The company had launched smart tires
The company has recently launched the country’s first ‘Smart Tire’, which uses a tire pressure monitoring system for the user to monitor and share important features like air pressure and tire temperature. Presently JK Tire has 12 production units across the world. Of these, 9 are located in India, the brand has set up 3 production units in Mexico. In total, these facilities produce about 35 million tires every year.

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