NSE Scam: A lot of games were being played on the exchange, know how many layers are there in the whole scam

NSE Scam: A lot of games were being played on the exchange, know how many layers are there in the whole scam


new Delhi. Former MD and CEO (MD & CEO) Chitra Ramakrishna during his tenure as the head of National Stock Exchange (NSE) had not only made irregularities in the appointment, but also many of his decisions were such that were not in the interest of the investors.

Just on the instructions of a Baba, she creates a new post in NSE and makes an inexperienced person sit on it. Hearing this, the story seems quite straightforward that Chitra had made a dummy sit for her own benefit. But, as the story progresses, it is revealed that she herself was a dummy and the yogi of the Himalayas who made her dance at her behest was a market expert and a ‘Siddha Purush’.

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The game started when the government changed
Chitra Ramakrishna was appointed as the CEO and MD of NSE in 2013. She was also a part of the team that founded NSE and continuously worked in the interest of the exchange. His career remained spotless for nearly two and a half decades, but after the UPA government came to power in 2014, he started playing sports on the instructions of the so-called Himalaya Baba. Then one after the other, questions started being raised on his decisions.

Inexperienced person called on 10 times package
Chitra made an inexperienced person Anand Subramaniam the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at the behest of his ‘guru’ i.e. Baba of the Himalayas. Before joining NSE, Anand was in a company named Balmer & Lawrie, where his salary was only Rs 15 lakh per annum and had no experience in the stock market or related work. Then he was appointed on a huge package of 1.68 crores with a big post.

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Mysterious Baba’s deep penetration
The invisible Baba on whose e-mail Chitra used to take any decision blindly, was not only aware of the nuances of the market and NSE, but had also made inroads in Delhi. SEBI has revealed that the alleged Baba would also tell Chitra how to speak in SEBI, board meeting and PMO. It is not just a matter of any spiritual person, but only a bureaucrat can give such instructions.

Baba also used to make travel rules for senior staff
The suspicion of the alleged Baba being an ‘inside’ man also arises because he used to make rules regarding the visits of the senior staff of NSE. Yogi used to decide who would go where and in which class he would travel. Not only this, the lobbying work for Chitra in Delhi was also done according to the instructions of the alleged Yogi. All these things suffice to say that the roots of the scam were very deep and hard.

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Romantic style of Himalaya Wale Baba
This supposedly spiritual person seems quite romantic in mood. According to the SEBI order, on February 18, 2015, in an e-mail, the unidentified person told Ramakrishna that you are looking very good today. You have to learn different ways to tie your hair which will make your look attractive.

was preparing to swim in the sea
According to SEBI, on February 17, 2015, an email from an unidentified person to Ramakrishna read, “Please keep the bag ready.” I am planning a trip to Seychelles next month, I will try that you also go with me. If you know swimming, then we can enjoy Sea Bath in Seychelles and also relax on the beach.

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Who benefits from Chitra’s decisions?
Now that it is completely clear that Baba, on whose behest Chitra used to take all the decisions, was not a spiritual man, but a marketer. It is also clear from this that that Baba and the people associated with him must be directly benefiting from the decisions for Chitra. It is not yet disclosed what kind of manipulation took place during Chitra’s tenure and how the investors or the market were harmed. But, it is certain that it can be many times more harmful than everything that looks straight and flat.

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