NSE Scam: Who is Chitra Ramakrishna's mysterious Yogi, we give the clue

NSE Scam: CBI disclosed – Who created the email ID in the name of mysterious Yogi?


new Delhi . The CBI on Friday claimed that the email ID through which the “mysterious Yogi” guided former NSE Managing Director (MD) and CEO Chitra Ramakrishna was allegedly created by his favorite Group Operating Officer (GOO) Anand Subramaniam. Was. With this statement of CBI, the curtain has been raised on the secret of this mysterious Yogi.

The probe agency told the special CBI court on Friday that the CBI is also probing the visit of National Stock Exchange (NSE) CEO Ramakrishna and GOO Subramaniam to the tax evaders’ hideout country Seychelles.

investigation underway
He said that whether he himself or someone else was using the email id rigayajursama at outlook.com allegedly created by Subramaniam, the CBI is now probing it.

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Subramaniam was initially referred to as a ‘yogi’ in the forensic audit, but the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in its final report refuted this claim. The CBI told the special court on Friday that Subramaniam was the Yogi, which was opposed by his (Subramanian) lawyer.

Subramaniam’s visit to Seychelles probed
The CBI has also told the special court that Subramaniam’s visit to Seychelles is being probed. He said that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is of the view that this was not a casual outing and it needs a thorough investigation.

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On February 11, Sebi had accused Ramakrishna and others of governance lapses in appointing Subramaniam as Chief Strategic Adviser and appointing him as Group Operating Officer and Advisor to the Managing Director.

“Keep the Bag Ready”
In its report, SEBI had also referred to Ramakrishna’s email conversation with a mysterious yogi suspected of being Subramaniam. The email mentioned a trip to Seychelles. Sebi said, “Unknown person wrote to Ramakrishna on February 17, 2015…keep the bag ready, I am planning a trip to Seychelles next month, will try to have you accompany me…. ,

Meanwhile, the probe agency is trying to gain access to the exchange of emails between Ramakrishna and Rigayajursama at outlook.com, officials said. In the CBI investigation, it is understood that Subramaniam had created this email id to communicate with Ramakrishna as a Yogi. CBI is likely to contact Microsoft to get a clear picture of these emails.

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