NSE Scam: Life Story of Spiritual CEO of Stock Exchange

NSE Scam: Life Story of Spiritual CEO of Stock Exchange


new Delhi. (Visual) CEO’s Office… The CEO is floating in the air blindfolded, his face shining with a gleam of spiritual corporate governance.
(Spiritual music playing in the background) Rig Yajur Sam…Rig Yajur Sam…Rig Yajur Sam
(That’s when his phone’s spiritual caller tune rings) @outlook.com
The CEO opened his eyes and sat on the throne made of futures and options.
When she picked up the phone, her mind and soul immediately did a commodity exchange and cautiously started talking.

CEO: O my Most Holy One! You are the chairperson of my spiritual store. My soul has become weightless because of your innate qualities. I can’t even question your rising salary, because you have risen above these concerns. It is difficult even for the market regulator SEBI to estimate your height. He had to build 190 circular floors just for you to see.

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The Most Holy said: My dear Spiritual Chitra Katha (Chitra Ramakrishna), you already know that I do not have any spiritual location. Therefore, no one can even accuse me of collection. But, there are some people whose spiritual energy I do not like and therefore you make organizational changes by co-locating them. Yes, I definitely like your spiritual energy because of the last few Instagram uploads. Especially the one in which you sing, ‘Spiritual exchanges are subject to regulation, please read the internal memo carefully before checking’.

CEO: O great saint! Your Tri-Vedic energy, the solution to my unresolved feelings, helped me discover myself in a way that even forensic investigators could not. I don’t like his (forensic investigator’s) spiritual energy at all, as he seems a little too honest and young.

Most Holy: I really liked your sentiment that you protect your spiritual energy more than protecting the interests of investors. You have no conflict of interest, because you are not interested in it. Where is the struggle then?

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CEO: The splendid gladiators of hi finance, saints of [email protected], I have received instructions from you to open a Coastal Swimsuit Account in Seychelles. I have also received the KYK (Know Your Kanchan) form from your offshore spiritual presence.

AAA+ Rated Most Holy: Okay, but as you know I am a paramahansa. For now, a Pawan Hans helicopter will have to be juggled. Just remember that my spiritual soul travels only in first class. I can not only execute as per my wish, but can also dematerialize without demat account.

CEO: Aha! Then you will be especially pleased about our chosen independent director. In fact she is completely independent of any direction, especially on Twitter.

Most Holy: I have instructed him to stick to the TV. I understand that some of your statements before the spiritual regulator are creating HR problems in the company. It is also heard that some employees are refusing to come to the office saying that they do not need any physical coordination for their spiritual powers.

CEO: Oh! This is a formidable problem. So first of all we have to invoke the Russia of our spiritual master and poet Mr. Kavi Narayan.
Then the CEO, a bull-shaped spiritual exorcist comes on board and calls out…Mr Narayan, is this your spiritual stock exchange…we are looking for you.

Kavi Narayan: I was the first CEO of this spiritual stock exchange and I am glad to see you continue my wonderful legacy. Especially with regulators.

CEO: Sir, I heard that the market regulator has banned you from doing poetry in the market for two years?

Kavi Narayan: To be honest, doing stand-up comedy would have been better for my career. But unfortunately that market segment has been taken over by the news anchors…(Waiting for a laugh…a sly silence)

The Most Holy said: Look, you must understand that not everyone has taken a spiritual journey like us. Especially with our bank accounts. After all, we create corporate governance standards for companies that list their souls on our exchanges.

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CEO: I always wanted to see my name on the ticker tape. I never thought that I would be able to travel from ticker on business news channels to ticker on Crime Patrol.

His credit swap default said…I always wanted to get fame as a spiritual master. But, I never thought that I would come across an e-mail from the Guru of the three Vedas as evidence in a regulatory order. I guess it all depends on your outlook.com.

CEO: Yes, you are doing absolutely the truth. The time has come to leave this spiritual world behind and move into the higher realm of Ethereum. We will now launch the world’s first spiritual crypto exchange, where souls can be exchanged on the blockchain. His identity will also remain anonymous, just like an electoral bond.

Crypto Holy said: Yes! We know a spiritual mentor for this venture as well. He’s a mysterious Nigerian prince who wants to send us a billion dollars at [email protected]

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