NSE Scam: Big disclosure, just before SEBI's order, foreign investors played this trick, the exchange got a setback

NSE Scam: SEBI chief said important thing about NSE’s mysterious scam, know details


Mumbai . A few days after the government expressed its intention to examine the order of SEBI in the matter of National Stock Exchange (NSE), outgoing SEBI chief Ajay Tyagi has said many important things. Tyagi on Wednesday said the regulator did not “lighten” any of its quasi-judicial decisions.

His statement assumes significance in the context of the statement of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in which it was said that the government is examining the steps taken by SEBI in the matter of NSE. It is seeing whether necessary punitive steps have been taken or not. Sitharaman had said a few days ago that the government is examining the move of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in the NSE matter to see whether it has taken appropriate steps with a right mind.

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Tyagi, who was the chief of SEBI for five years, said in the context of this statement that SEBI has acted according to its understanding and sphere of influence in this matter. He said that several other law enforcement agencies are also probing the matter.

SEBI is collaborating with other agencies

Tyagi said, “The facts and findings so far available in the public domain are based on the findings of SEBI, which were disclosed by it in its order. We should also wait for the investigation of other agencies.” He said that SEBI is cooperating with other agencies and is also providing the information sought by them.

SEBI’s command to Madhavi Puri Buch

Tyagi told reporters after handing over the reins of SEBI to Madhavi Puri Buch that the dispute related to NSE dates back to 2010-15 and SEBI had given its first order in its ‘co-location’ matter in April 2019 itself. Former NSE chief Chitra Ramakrishna has also been convicted by SEBI for sharing confidential information with a mysterious yogi in the operation of the country’s largest stock exchange.

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