NSE Scam: The Himalaya Baba’s ‘secret’ was exposed, Chitra was trying to destroy Ramakrishna

NSE Scam: The Himalaya Baba's 'secret' was exposed, Chitra was trying to destroy Ramakrishna


new Delhi. In the scam of Chitra Ramakrishna, former head of the country’s largest stock exchange NSE, it has been revealed that the Himalaya Baba, whom she used to obey, was someone close to her.

Till now it was being said that there is no identity of this anonymous baba from Himalayas and he used to give instructions to Chitra only from a distance. But, in a video released by Moneycontrol, it has been told that Chitra used to roam in the middle of the sea with this Baba. In such a situation, the question arises that if Chitra did not meet Baba, then how did the talk of roaming on the beach arise. It is believed that this person was someone close to Chitra.

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Triangle of scam… entry of Sunita Anand
It has been revealed that Chitra had appointed Anand Subramanian at the behest of Himalaya Baba, his wife was also given great responsibility. Sunita Anand who is Anand Subramanian’s wife was made the head of NSE South. All these works were done on the instructions of Chitra Baba.

Chitra used to take advantage of Delhi connection
It has also been found in the investigation of the case that Chitra had a strong connection in Delhi. He used to get the news of any movement in Delhi. This is the reason why people used to keep silent on the complaints against him. Subramanian, in his statement dated September 12, 2018, had confessed that he had known the anonymous yogi for the last 22 years.

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Cheerful and simple on the outside but inside…
Those who know Chitra also tell that the real nature of Chitra, who looked very simple and gentle from above, was not like this. She was very smart and professional. NSE employees say that this trio (Chitra, Anand and Sunita) used to execute their work in a very professional manner. This is the reason that SEBI did not realize this and Chitra played with the sentiments and money of 80 million investors for almost three years.

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