NSE Scam: This is how Chitra Ramakrishna got the command of NSE after investors lost Rs 10 lakh crore

NSE Scam: This is how Chitra Ramakrishna got the command of NSE after investors lost Rs 10 lakh crore


new Delhi. Chitra Ramakrishna, former CEO of the National Stock Exchange (NSE), allegedly taking decisions, financial irregularities and confidential information with ‘Baba’ at the behest of ‘Baba’ living in the Himalayas Is facing investigation in matters like sharing. But do you know that how Chitra became the CEO of NSE and with whose help she got the command of such a big exchange?

Actually, the matter is on the morning of 5 October 2012, when there was a technical fault in the exchange and about 10 lakh crore rupees of investors were sunk. After this, the then CEO Ravi Narayan had to leave his post in a hurry. A few months later, Chitra Ramakrishna’s entry into the male dominated world of stock trading takes place and on 13 April 2013, he is handed over the command of the exchange.

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Technology is a lion on which everyone rides

Chitra Ramakrishna has great faith in technology. After becoming the CEO of the National Stock Exchange, she said about 8 years ago… Technology is such a lion, on which everyone is riding. After this there was a technical fault in the exchange, the blame of which fell on Ravi Narayan and Chitra Ramakrishna got the reward. After this, she became the CEO of the NSE, which in a year overtook the 100-year-old Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) as the country’s largest stock exchange.

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Was taking advice from Baba for 20 years

Chitra claims that ‘Baba’ lives in the Himalayan hills and has been advising her on personal and professional matters for the last 20 years. She used to call him ‘Shiromani’. After the matter came to light, more things were added to it. Now this case is also related to the lapses in the company’s operations for the appointment of Anand Subramaniam as Chief Strategic Advisor and renaming him as Group Operating Officer and Advisor to the Managing Director.

profit by creating flaws

The investigation is not just limited to ascertain the identity of Baba, but the reasons for the lapse are also being ascertained at various levels including the board, regulator and the government. A former regulator said that it appears that a circle of former and serving bureaucrats, some highly ambitious brokers, top government officials and some corporate officials involved in the exchange created and exploited various loopholes for their own personal gain.

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