Oil is put at the petrol pump by card, so be careful, thugs have reached here too

Oil is put at the petrol pump by card, so be careful, thugs have reached here too


new Delhi. With the increase in online transactions, online fraud has also increased a lot. Now there is no place left where cyber criminals are not active. In Noida, the police have caught one such gang, who clones the card of people paying for oil at a petrol pump with an ATM card and withdraws money from their account.

The thugs involved in the gang make a clone of the ATM card by scanning the scanner machine and also used to see the password entered by the customer with the help of theft or camera and then used to withdraw money from the account. . The arrested accused say that many members of their gang are working as salesmen at petrol pumps in many cities of NCR including Noida. Police have arrested three members of the gang while many members are absconding.

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used to apply lime like this

Noida Police said that on the basis of an information, three people were arrested by the police on Monday. During interrogation, these people told that when the people who put oil at the petrol pump gave their ATM card to the salesman for payment, the accused would scan the ATM card with the scanner machine kept with them and clone the ATM with the help of that. ) would have made. The accused used to see the PIN code of the ATM card entered by the cardholder while making the payment. They would deliberately ask him to enter the code more than once or else make him stand at the place where he was seen entering the code in the camera.

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Withdraw money in Mumbai, Kolkata

The accused, caught in police interrogation, told that they used to withdraw money from the accounts of the victims through their friends living in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Kolkata to clone ATM cards. During interrogation, the police have come to know that such thugs are working as salesmen at many petrol pumps in Noida and Greater Noida area, who are cloning the ATM cards of common people and withdrawing money from their accounts.

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