On the rise in Crude Oil, the biggest exporter overturned, gave advice to the world! Will oil be more expensive now?


new Delhi. Saudi Arabia has turned its back on the ever-increasing prices of crude oil around the world. Along with this, he gave great advice to the world to understand his responsibility. Saudi Arabia says that it is not responsible for the decrease in the supply of crude oil in the global market. He will not take any responsibility for this.

He made this remark after oil production in Saudi Arabia was disrupted by an attack by Houthi rebels of Iran-backed Yemen. Saudi has shied away from its responsibility amid ongoing talks with OPEC and other oil producing countries to contain the rise in crude oil prices and production growth due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Have given.

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Record price people have to pay in America
The state-run Saudi Press Agency quoted the Foreign Ministry as saying that the global community should bear its responsibility to maintain energy supplies for the fight against Yemen’s rebels. Otherwise, the problems on the crude oil front will not end. At present, the situation is that people in America are paying a record price for gasoline (vehicle fuel) at petrol pumps.

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Production capacity getting affected by repeated attacks
Saudi Arabia said that its production capacity is being affected due to the repeated attacks by the Houthiites. It is not able to fulfill its promises regarding oil production and supply. This poses a risk to the security and stability of energy supplies in markets around the world.

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Brent crude prices increased again today
Benchmark Brent crude reached $119 per barrel during trading on Tuesday. A day earlier, ie on Monday, it had crossed $ 112 per barrel. Yemen rebels launched a series of attacks on Sunday targeting Saudi Arabia’s oil and natural gas production. Saudi Arabia’s energy ministry said the attack on the Yanbu petrochemicals complex on the Red Sea coast had caused a temporary reduction in oil production.

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