Once two brothers started this company from restaurant, today it does business of crores in 122 countries


McDonald’s The menu has also been changing with the taste of the changing times. In 1940, two brothers named Mack and Dick McDonald opened a small restaurant in San Bernardino, California. After this, with the help of his business associate Ray Kroc, it expanded into a world famous food chain. The special thing about McDonald’s is its price which is not heavy on the pocket. Today, McDonald’s menus spread across the world include not just burgers and french fries and much more. Today on World Burger Day, we are telling you the story of McDonald’s success. Let’s know the biggest story of this short journey-

This journey started from a small restaurant in California, which was started by two brothers named Richard and Morris McDonald, but the whole credit for the success of this company goes to Ray Kroc, who joined this company in 1955. After joining Kroc, he took the company to the top.

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To understand this success story better, we have to know about Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was born on 5 October 1902 in Oak Park, Illinois, USA. Kroc was very impressed with that restaurant and came to California to visit it. There he saw that despite being a small restaurant, there was a long crowd of customers.

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Ray Kroc asked the man standing in the crowd of the restaurant what is special in it and why is there so much crowd here, then people said that here you will get a good burger for just 15 cents. It will also not take much time for the delivery of the order.

Then Kroc inquired more deeply about it, then it was found that this restaurant was started in 1940 by two brothers named McDonald. Then it was not very successful, but after 8 years it reduced the items of the menu to some limited items in 1948 and then started focusing on those limited items, only then they started getting success. He also started using machines to make his burgers and fast food.

Which saved a lot of time of the people. That’s why it became his favorite restaurant. After seeing all this, Ray Kroc asked Macdonald Brothers to take the franchise of the restaurant. Both the brothers also agreed to Ray Kroc and sold one of their franchises.

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Now Kroc put a McDonald’s franchise in his city on April 15, 1955 in Illinois. And then due to less money, fast delivery and good service, his restaurant also ran indiscriminately and he had a lot of money, after that Kroc talked about asking for more franchises McDonald Brothers so that McDonald’s can be spread in more cities. But Macdonald Brothers refused saying that the money they have is enough and they do not want to work any more, they said that you are so sorry for the restaurant chain to grow, then you buy this company and according to your mind Do work.

Kroc saw a bright future in McDonald’s and that is why he bought the company in 1961 for $ 2.7 million and profit every year. What was then, now Kroc went straight to success without stopping, and in 1983, Kroc spread McDonald’s to 31 countries in addition to his country.

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