Opportunity to start business without Pharmacist degree, 12th pass will be able to sell medical equipment

Opportunity to start business without Pharmacist degree, 12th pass will be able to sell medical equipment


New Delhi. After the arrival of the corona epidemic, the demand for medical equipment suddenly reached a high. Due to this, especially during the second wave of Corona, it was seen that there was a fight between thermometer to oximeter, blood pressure testing machine, oxygen cylinder. Due to these health related equipments available only at medical stores, it became difficult to find them in other shops or places and people had to buy these things by paying manifold prices. However, now the central government is making amendments regarding these. After which not only pharmacists at medical stores but any person will be able to sell them and do business.

Changes have been made in the Medical Device Rules under the Cosmetics and Drugs Act by the Union Health Ministry. These can be called the Medical Devices Amendment Rule 2022. Under this, the special thing is that now any person who has passed 12th can buy and sell devices in the field of medical business. 12th can do business of these medical devices. For this, there will no longer be a need for a pharmacist’s degree or diploma, nor will a license be needed. They will be able to do this business even without a license.

However, there is a change in the rules being made by the Union Health Ministry that 12th pass people will have to register only. One year experience is also mandatory for registration. In this regard, the MD of Hindustan Liver and Association of Indian Medical Device Industry forum coordinator Rajeev Nath They say it is a good decision. Firstly, all the sellers who resell medical devices will now come under the Drugs Act. Apart from this, the second thing is that very few conditions have been kept for the registration fixed for the start of this business. This will motivate most people to trade these devices.

Nath says that even now in many malls some medical equipment is sold without medical stores. Some of these equipment are glasses, wheel chair, personal weight machine, adult diaper, oximeter, thermometer, mask, sanitizer etc. In such a situation, now that only registration will allow them to be sold, then it is better. However, those associated with the medical device industry are still recommending the enactment of a separate medical device law to make minor mistakes free from crimes because medical devices are not drugs.

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