Passengers please note... Bedroll is still not available in the train, know why this facility is not being provided even after the orders of the Railways.

Passengers please note… Bedroll is still not available in the train, know why this facility is not being provided even after the orders of the Railways.


new Delhi. If you live in Mumbai, Delhi or other cities and plan to go to your village or town by train during Holi holiday, then do not forget to keep a sheet, pillow with you. Especially those people whose ticket is of AC coach, the journey is very long and the night will have to be spent in the train. Now you can say that the Railways has announced to give bedroll, then what is the need of it. Let us tell you that it is still needed because despite the orders of the Railways, bedroll facility is not available in the train.

Sheets, pillows and blankets are provided to the passengers in the bedroll. In such a situation, if you do not carry bedroll, then you may have to face trouble. Actually, the Railways had closed the bedroll facility to prevent the spread of infection during the Corona period. Along with this, the curtains were also removed from the AC coaches.

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what is the reason
Actually, private companies provide bedroll facility in trains. Tenders are issued for this. During the lockdown, when the bedrolls in the trains were stopped, the tenders of private companies were also cancelled. So private companies stopped working. This facility remained closed for almost two years. Now when orders have been given by the Railways to give bedrolls again, then for this the tender process will have to be completed first. Only after this, railway passengers will be able to get facilities like sheets, blankets, pillows.

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Disposable bedrolls can be bought from the station
Railway has started the necessary process to provide bedroll to the passengers at the earliest. Railways says that the Railways is fully committed to the convenience of the passengers. Keeping in view the needs of railway passengers, the railways had started the facility of disposable bedroll, which can be purchased from the passenger station during the journey. However, it does turn out to be quite expensive, especially for those travelers who are traveling with family.

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