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Personal Finance: Investors should not be afraid of fluctuations in the market, adopt this method to avoid losses


new Delhi. Equity mutual fund investors are looking for ways to save money in the volatile market environment amid huge volatility in the stock market due to the Russia-Ukraine War. . Investment experts say that if one has a mixed portfolio of debt and equity, then in the event of a slight decline in the equity market, he should withdraw money from debt and invest it in equity.

Similarly, after the volatility in the market is over, that part of the debt from equity should be taken out and put back in debt, which you had invested in equity. In this way, equity mutual fund investors with a diversified portfolio can take advantage of market volatility.

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Don’t be afraid of a temporary drop
Arun Kumar, Head of Research, FundsIndia, says that investors should not panic due to a temporary decline on the investment front for the long term. However, we do not have control over the movement of the market in the short run. But, how we react to this move and take advantage of any sharp fall is within our control. Sometimes a big fall in the market becomes an opportunity for us. We should also keep this in mind while investing.

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Keep Divers Portfolio
Prateek Pant, Chief Business Officer, Whiteoak Capital says that considering the risks, we should focus on building a balanced portfolio. Considering the volatility in the market, we should not put our entire fund in one place. This can lead to huge losses during a downtrend in the market. To avoid this, it is better to build your divers portfolio.

Know how to react to a fall
Arun Kumar says that in the event of a big fall in the market, any investor should consciously invest a part of his debt portfolio in equities.
Suppose, if the Sensex falls by 20 percent, then 20 percent of the debt can be transferred to equity.
If the decline is 30 percent, then 30 percent of the debt can be invested in equity.
If there is a 40 percent fall in the market, 40 percent of the debt can be invested in equity.
If the Sensex falls by 50 percent, then 50 percent of the debt can be transferred to equity.

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