Petrol-Diesel Price: People filled the tanks of vehicles for fear of increasing the rate, oil sales data told the truth


new Delhi. Petrol, diesel sales in the country exceeded pre-pandemic levels in the first 15 days of March 2022 due to speculation that vehicle fuel prices would rise after the assembly elections. Due to the fear of increasing the price, the consumers and dealers were filling the tanks of the vehicles completely. The recently released oil sales figures also show the same.

According to preliminary data received from the industry, petrol sales of public sector petroleum companies, which control nearly 90 per cent of the market, stood at 1.23 million tonnes between March 1 and 15, up 18 per cent over the same period last year and compared to 2019. 24.4 percent higher.

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Diesel sales up 23.7%
Year-on-year sales of diesel stood at 35.3 million tonnes, a growth of 23.7 per cent and 17.3 per cent higher than in 2019. According to the data, this year petrol sold 24.3 percent more and diesel 33.5 percent more than the sales during 1-15 March 2020. Compared to the previous month, the sale of petrol was 18.8 per cent higher and that of diesel was 32.8 per cent higher.

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Know what the Petroleum Minister said
Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri on Monday hit back at the opposition leaders for their comments on the increase in the price of oil, saying that some such comments have come that people have to completely clean the tanks of their vehicles before increasing the prices of petrol and diesel. Should be filled

Prices have not increased since 132 days
It is worth noting that the prices of petrol and diesel have not increased since November 2021. Earlier it was being said that in view of the assembly elections of five states including Uttar Pradesh, the rates are being controlled by the government. Whereas the Petroleum Minister had rejected this thing outright. After the election results on March 10, the prices of petrol and diesel have not increased even for 7 days. Meanwhile, the price of crude oil rose from $ 81 to $ 130 per barrel and is now near about $ 100 per barrel.

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