Petrol Diesel Price Today: Indian Oil has released new rates of petrol and diesel, know the price of your city

Petrol-diesel prices increased by Rs 3.20 in four days by paying paise, know how much the rate will increase?


Petrol Diesel Prices Hike: Although the prices of petrol and diesel increase every day very little i.e. in money, but its effect is very heavy. Petrol and diesel prices have increased four times in the last five days. This increase has gone up to Rs.3.20 in four days. That is, the prices have increased by more than Rs 3 in a week. According to experts, there is no hope of any relief in the prices at present.

Today, petrol has reached Rs 98.61 per liter and diesel Rs 89.87 per liter in the national capital Delhi. Due to the assembly elections of five states, the companies did not make any changes in the oil prices for 137 days, while the rates of crude have become more expensive by about 40 percent during this period.

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Crude price havoc
In the international market today, on Saturday afternoon, the crude price is running around $ 120 per barrel. In such a situation, experts say that the prices of petrol and diesel may increase further. Because the government oil companies are facing huge losses. When crude oil was running around $70 to $80 per barrel, then the prices of petrol and diesel were around this level. Now crude oil has become more expensive by about 40 percent.

Crude oil prices have risen sharply due to the Russia-Ukraine war. Therefore, the state-owned oil companies of the country will increase the rate. In view of the assembly elections, fuel rates were stable for a few days in the middle, but from this week it has started increasing day by day.

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Loss of 19000 crores to oil companies
According to a report by Moody’s Investor Service, the country’s state-owned oil companies have suffered a loss of about Rs 19,000 crore due to rising crude oil prices. IOC, BPCL and HPCL have suffered this loss in the month of March itself. The reason for this is believed to be the non-increasing retail price of petrol and diesel in the country.

There was no change in the prices of petrol and diesel in the country from 4 November 2021 to 21 March 2022. Whereas during this time the prices of crude oil have reached from $ 80 to $ 120. Now it is believed that the retail price of petrol and diesel will also increase continuously. There will be relief in this only when crude comes below $ 100 per barrel or the government reduces its tax.

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