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Google’s smartwatch, most likely to be called the Google Pixel Watch, could make its debut this year at an event in October, noted tipster Jon Prosser has claimed. He also claimed that Google may launch the Pixel 7 series at the same event, with the Pixel 6a launch happening during the Google I/O to be held on May 11-12.

Prosser had claimed earlier that the Pixel Watch could launch in May 2022 itself, though the date he predicted at that time was May 26. In one of his earlier tweets, he’d said: “I’m hearing that Google is planning on launching it on Thursday, May 26th — over a year since we leaked it. This is the first we’ve seen a set date on the device behind the scenes. Google is known for pushing back dates — but if they do, we’ll know.” This time, he has said that Google would reserve another day for the Pixel Watch.
The Google Pixel Watch will come with a next gen Google Assistant and be powered with a Samsung Exynos chipset. The nex-gen Assistant is designed to process your speech directly on your device rather than via Google’s servers. It is also capable of doing things within your various apps like filtering the gallery in Google Photos via voice command. Additional functions include being able to tweak the phone settings when the user is completely offline.
A smartwatch these days means a few basic features like heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring and SpO2 measurement. With the Google Pixel Watch too, users are likely to get key health and fitness tracking features like step and calorie counting, heart rate monitor and more.


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