PNG Rate Hike: After Petrol-Diesel, LPG, now PNG-CNG is also expensive, prices increased in these cities


new Delhi. Inflation-stricken consumers are increasingly burdened with fuel prices. After petrol-diesel, CNG and LPG, now the prices of PNG-CNG have also increased (PNG Rate Hike).

Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) has made a big increase in the rate of PNG in Delhi-NCR from Thursday. It is used like domestic gas. That is, now in Delhi-NCR, whether you order a gas cylinder or use PNG, your cooking has become expensive. IGL has increased the prices of domestic PNG by Re 1 per standard cubic meter (SCM) to Rs 36.61 per unit. The new prices have come into effect from March 24.

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CNG too expensive in Delhi
IGL has also increased the rates of CNG in Delhi. From March 24, CNG will be available in Delhi at a price of Rs 59.51 per kg. Before this, it was available at the rate of Rs 59.01. Auto fares in the capital will also become expensive due to the increase in the price of CNG. Apart from this, the drivers of private vehicles will also have to loose more pockets.

Check PNG Rate in your City
Rs 35.86 per SCM in Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad
Rs 34.81 per SCM in Gurugram
Rs 42.023 per SCM in Ajmer, Pali, Rajsamand
Rs 38.50 per SCM in Kanpur, Hamirpur and Fatehpur

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The price of LPG was also increased
Earlier, government oil companies had also increased the price of domestic LPG cylinders by Rs 50. After this increase, the price of 14.2 kg cylinder in Delhi has reached Rs 949.50. Not only this, the retail prices of petrol and diesel have also been increased by Rs 1.60 per liter in the last two days.

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