P&O Ferries: Now this company fired 800 employees on Zoom call, reminded Better.com


new Delhi. You must remember Better.com and its CEO Vishal Garg. Vishal Garg had fired 900 of his employees in the US and India in a jiffy during a Zoom call. Now another company has done the same. The company is from UK. Shipping company P&O Ferries has also announced the removal of 800 of its employees on a zoom call.

On March 17, the shipping company fired 800 of its employees during a Zoom call. The fear-inducing Zoom call lasted only 3 minutes and the employees were not even given a chance to give notice period. British politicians have called it scary.

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The company had received 10 million pounds from the government
The UK company had received £10 million in cash from the UK government during the Kovid-19 lockdown, from which it had to pay its 1,100 employees. The company told its employees that it had incurred a loss of 200 million pounds over the past two years and now faces the danger of returning payouts received during the entire holiday due to mismanagement of funds. According to DailyMail, the P&O Ferries chief said during his Zoom call, “I regret to share that for this you are immediately terminated for discharge.”

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The company may have to return the fund
UK MP Carl Turner said, “That full money should be returned. Whatever money British taxpayers were given to this company should be returned and the government should ask the company to negotiate with the unions and make a deal.”

Repetitive 4 month old event
Similarly, in the first week of December, Vishal Garg, CEO of Better.com, fired 900 of his employees in the US and India in a jiffy during a Zoom call. Better.com is a US-based Digital First Home Ownership Company.

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