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The Kashmir Files’ movie is being much-talked about. Cybercriminals too seem to have found an opportunity to dupe gullible smartphone users using the movie’s name. Ranvijay Singh, ADCP, Noida, has warned mobile users about WhatsApp fraud related to ‘The Kashmir Files’ movie. He has asked users not to click on any links received on WhatsApp related to the movie unless they are sure about its authenticity.
As per Singh, some complaints related to the fraud have been lodged in the national capital. “The film has been released recently and has garnered a lot of interest. Taking advantage of the situation, cyber fraudsters have started sending links on WhatsApp to download the movie for free. Once the person clicks on the link, it enables the fraudsters to access information on the user’s phone and easily steal confidential details, including information on bank account” Singh said in a statement to Times of India.
Singh further advised users not to click on any link received from an unknown source on WhatsApp or any other social media platform.
How ‘The Kashmir Files’ WhatsApp fraud works
Fraudsters first send a link to victims on WhatsApp. The link is supported by a message that claims that users can download ‘The Kashmir Files’ movies for free by clicking on the link. Once the user clicks on the link, a malware is injected into his/her smartphone. The malware reportedly hacks the user’s smartphone to inject malware. The malware steals users’ banking details which are used by cybercriminals for fraudulent financial transactions.


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