Preparation for strictness on MGNREGA, now money will not be available without working, nexus with middlemen will end, know what is the government's preparation

Preparation for strictness on MGNREGA, now money will not be available without working, nexus with middlemen will end, know what is the government’s preparation


New Delhi. Taking a step forward in the process of curbing corruption and other disturbances, the Modi government is preparing to make the MNREGA Act strict. If this happens, then after this the beneficiaries of MGNREGA will not get money without working. Along with this, middlemen will be curbed. The special thing is that it will also help in eliminating the nexus of beneficiaries and middlemen.

A top official said that during the last two years, many irregularities have been seen in the rural employment program. With the help of nexus of middlemen, beneficiaries are getting money without doing any work. In return, the middlemen take commission from the beneficiaries. Now there is a need to rein in this, for which the government is going to take steps.

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budget estimate has increased

The official said that middlemen are taking money to register the names of beneficiaries in this scheme. People are not getting work without paying money. Many times middlemen grab money in someone else’s name. Due to this, the Revised Estimate has been much higher than the Budget Estimate in two years. During this, a lot of disturbances have been seen in MNREGA.

Beneficiaries giving money to middlemen for not going to work

The official said that Direct Benefit Transfer has been successful in getting the money directly to the person, but still there are middlemen who are telling people that I will put your name in the MNREGA list, but after you get the money in the account, that amount I have to give it back. This is happening on a large scale. The Ministry of Rural Development will take strict action on this. The official said that the beneficiary is giving some share to the middleman, so he will not even go to work and hence no work is being done.

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1.11 lakh crore released

The Center has allocated Rs 73,000 crore under MGNREGA for 2022-23, which is 25 per cent less than the Rs 98,000 crore given in the revised estimate for the current fiscal. The allocation for the next financial year is equal to the budget estimate for the current financial year. The government has been very generous in allocating MGNREGA funds in the last two years. We released Rs 1.11 lakh crore in 2020-21, as against Rs 35,000 crore in 2014-15.

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