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Prepare a fund of 2 crores in 5 years, know what is the scheme and how much will have to be invested?


new Delhi. If you also want to get your daughter married with great pomp, then there is no need to worry at all. Because in today’s time there are many such schemes, by investing in which you can prepare a huge fund. Investment advisors say that if you are starting with investing, then you should not wait for the timing. When you have money left, start investing from the same time.

Take care of discipline while investing. Meaning that you have to keep investing on time or keep increasing it. So let’s know how and where you invest.

Invest in SIP
If you want high returns, then Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a good option for you. You can get good returns in few years through SIP. For this, you can also invest at least 500 rupees per month.

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Create a fund of more than 1 crore in 10 years
If you are retiring in 2023 and want to deposit Rs 1.35 crore in about 10 years, then you have to invest 60 thousand rupees per month in Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). This calculation has been done at an average annual interest of 12 per cent.

2 crore fund created in this way
If you invest 2 lakhs per month for 5 years, you will invest Rs 1.2 crores in 60 installments over this period. After five years you will get an amount of Rs 1.7 crore. This calculation is assuming an average CAGR return of 12%. On the other hand, if you invest 2.4 lakh rupees per month, after five years your fund of 2 crores will be ready. It has been observed that equities give better returns in the long run.

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