PVR and INOX merged to form country’s largest multiplex chain with 1500 screens


new Delhi. The country’s two largest multiplex chains – PVR and INOX Leisure have merged. This proposal has been approved by the boards of both the companies. Regulatory information said that after this merger, the largest multiplex chain of 1,500 screens will come into existence. After this merger, Ajay Bijli, CMD of PVR will be the new MD of the company.

Know who has what capacity?
PVR is the largest multiplex chain in the country with a total of 860 screens across the country. At the same time, INOX Leisure has a total of 667 screens. While Cinepolis has a total of 400 screens. The headquarter of this company is in Mexico.

Which company has how much debt?
As of December 31, 2021, PVR had a total debt of Rs 1,536 crore and cash of Rs 678 crore. There was a tremendous decline in the company’s earnings in the fiscal year 2020. During this period, the income of PVR came down from Rs 3,452 crore to Rs 310 crore. The company suffered a huge loss due to coronavirus infection.


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