Rahul Bajaj had a special attachment to 'Chetak', tears came on the announcement of the bandh, read many similar stories related to scooters

Rahul Bajaj had a special attachment to ‘Chetak’, tears came on the announcement of the bandh, read many similar stories related to scooters


New Delhi. Perhaps you will be surprised to hear that due to lack of scooter, someone’s marriage has been broken or the date of marriage has been postponed. But it’s true, something similar used to happen in the 70’s and 80’s. The first choice of middle class families was one such scooter named Bajaj Chetak. Chetak, which hit the streets of India in 1972, had become the choice of the people since that time. The standing of Chetak in the parking lot of the house was nothing less than a status symbol for the people.

The credit of taking Bajaj Chetak to this height goes to the former chairman of Bajaj Group, Rahul Bajaj. Today Rahul Bajaj passed away at the age of 83. He was associated with Bajaj Group of Companies for almost 5 decades. Rahul Bajaj, who was one of the most successful industrialists of the country, although many stories related to the Chetak scooter are famous, but one anecdote is very emotional.

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This is the year 2006. When Rajiv Bajaj, son of Rahul Bajaj, decided to shut down Chetak completely after taking over the reins of the company. Rajiv Bajaj believed that by connecting the company with the new generation, now the focus will have to be only on the bike. During that time, father Rahul Bajaj had advised him not to stop the scooter. But when the scooter was discontinued, not only its lovers were shocked, but Rahul Bajaj’s eyes were also moist while making the announcement.

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Something like this was the journey of the country on Chetak
Bajaj Auto Limited got the license to manufacture scooters and three wheelers in 1959. In 1961, Bajaj started the production of Chetak. In 1972, the first lot of 1000 Chetak scooters was launched in the market. During this time its price was between 8 thousand to 10 thousand. For the first time in 1977, Bajaj Company sold 1 lakh Chetak scooters. Initially, the booking period of the scooter was about 3 months. Later, there came a time when people had to wait for 20 months to get Chetak. In 1986, the sales figure of Chetak reached 8 lakhs. Which was a record. The 90s were a golden period for Bajaj and some years passed when the company sold one lakh scooters every month.

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