Relief on inflation front, WPI reduced to 12.96% in January, know what is WPI and how you will get relief

Relief on inflation front, WPI reduced to 12.96% in January, know what is WPI and how you will get relief


New Delhi. The common people have got some relief on the front of rising inflation. Inflation based on the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) came down to 12.96 per cent in January this year. According to government data, despite the increase in the prices of food items, there has been a decline in wholesale inflation.

According to the data, in December 2021, wholesale inflation was 13.56 percent. In January last year, WPI based inflation was 2.51 percent. Despite this relief, wholesale inflation has remained above 10 per cent for the 10th consecutive month since April 2021. The increase in the inflation rate based on the Wholesale Price Index affects normal life as the supply of goods becomes expensive.

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Vegetables are expensive, but potatoes and onions are cheap
According to government data, inflation in food articles rose to 10.33 percent in January 2022. In December 2021, it was 9.56 percent. The price increase of vegetables reached 34.85 per cent as against 31.56 per cent in the previous month. Inflation of pulses, food grains and paddy increased on a month-on-month basis. Inflation in eggs, meat and fish stood at 9.85 per cent in January. However, the price of potato decreased by 14.45 per cent and that of onion by 15.98 per cent.

Inflation in manufactured goods came down to 9.42 per cent in January. It was 10.62 per cent in December, 2021.
Inflation in the fuel and energy sector stood at 32.27 per cent in January, compared to 32.30 per cent in the previous month.

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What is the meaning of decrease in wholesale inflation
Inflation seen in recent months has been attributed to the rise in retail inflation due to rising food prices. The same situation was also seen in wholesale inflation, which tells the position of prices of goods in the wholesale markets. The rise in this index is seen due to increase in the wholesale or wholesale rate. This inflation comes when there is inflation in the goods purchased in bulk. Obviously, when the wholesale prices increase, the retail prices will also increase. Now that there is a decrease in wholesale prices, then a gradual moderation in retail inflation will also be seen.

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