Retail Sales: After inflation, now retail sales have increased trouble, know which sectors suffered the most

Retail Sales: After inflation, now retail sales have increased trouble, know which sectors suffered the most


New Delhi. After inflation, now the decline in retail sales has increased the problems. Retail sales in the country have been affected in January 2022 due to restrictions imposed in many states due to the third wave of the epidemic. Retailers Association of India in its new business survey said that retail sales last month reached 91 per cent in January 2020 from the pre-pandemic sales level of January 2019.

According to the region-wise data, the eastern region saw the biggest decline of 13 per cent in retail sales last month as compared to January 2019. This was followed by a decline of 11 per cent in the west and eight per cent in the north. RAI said that the southern region has been least affected. The retail sales of this sector registered a decline of two per cent during January 2022.

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Most of the damage to these areas
RAI said retail sales in beauty, wellness and personal care were the worst hit. In this, a decline of 24 percent has been registered in comparison to January 2019 last month. This was followed by a decline of 12 per cent in furniture and furnishing, while a decline of seven per cent in apparel and clothing.

11 percent jump in jewelery segment
According to the survey, jewelery segment retail sales grew by 11 per cent in January this year as compared to the same month in 2019. Retail sales of fast-serving restaurants also saw an increase of nine per cent.

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Exemption in most states except Delhi-Haryana
Retailers Association CEO Kumar Rajagopalan said that most states have given a free hand to retail business. The third wave of Corona has slowed down. The cases of hospitalization are continuously decreasing. However, retail shops are still not opening till late night in Delhi and Haryana. This is having a very bad effect on the business. Rajagopalan said that the Delhi and Haryana governments can allow all retailers to open shops till late night, taking lessons from Maharashtra.

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