Road Accident News- Road Transport Ministry's big decision will not wait for compensation in road accident

Road Accident News- Road Transport Ministry’s big decision will not wait for compensation in road accident


new Delhi. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has taken a big decision regarding the compensation received after the road accident. The victim’s family will not have to wait long for compensation. The ministry has set a time limit for all procedures after a road accident. The concerned agency will have to complete the process within the same time frame. The new decision will come into effect from April 1. This decision of the ministry will benefit the families of the victims who had to make rounds of the court for compensation. Also, the mobile number of the vehicle owner has been made mandatory in the insurance of the vehicle.

According to the new decision of the Ministry of Road Transport, all the process for compensation should be completed in 120 days. In this, a detailed accident report will have to be prepared within 90 days. After this, the insurance company should complete its process within 30 days. In this way, the time limit has been fixed to complete the process in 120 days. Apart from this, the DM of each district has to appoint an officer to provide compensation to the victims of road accidents. The police have to write the FAR i.e. First Accident Report within 48 hours of the road accident.

In this regard, Karuna Raina of Expert and Save Life Foundation said that now in the case of Hint and Run, the maximum compensation of Rs 2 lakh fixed by the government on death and Rs 50,000 for serious injuries can be settled without going to court. Will be able No proof of income will be required for this compensation. Even after taking the compensation fixed by the government, the victim can go to court.

Bus and Car Operators Confederation of India (CMVR) chairman Gurmeet Singh Taneja said that the government’s decision will greatly benefit the victims. This will eliminate the role of middlemen in getting compensation. Apart from this, linking the mobile number with the insurance will also make it easier to find the vehicle owner. People do not change mobile numbers very often.

This is the change in the amount of compensation

The Ministry of Road Transport has increased the amount of compensation in the hit and run case. Now a seriously injured person can be given from 12500 to 50000 rupees. Apart from this, in case of death due to hit and run, payment can be made from Rs 25000 to Rs 200000 lakh.

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