Road Transport Ministry’s big decision, rules will be applicable for vehicles accompanying foreign guests


new Delhi. The Ministry of Road Transport has decided to implement new rules for vehicles accompanying foreign guests. Suggestions have been sought in this regard by issuing a draft. One month’s time has been given for this. After this, the guests coming from abroad will be able to bring their vehicles to the country under the new rules. The rules will be applicable for personal vehicles. Keeping the security system in mind, this decision is being taken.

Diplomats or other guests coming from all countries also bring vehicles with them. These vehicles come for some time and then go back. Till now there was no rule for these personal vehicles. But the Ministry of Road Transport has decided to bring these vehicles under the law. Some rules have been prescribed for this. It is necessary to follow the rules to bring vehicles into the country. Bus and Car Operators Confederation of India (CMVR) Chairman Gurmeet Singh Taneja said that the decision of the Ministry of Road Transport has been taken for the security of the country. This decision is really welcome. Vehicles coming from abroad will have to follow the vehicle rules of the country.

As per the rules, a non-transport vehicle registered in another country at the time of entry into India shall be so manufactured and maintained that it remains at all times under the effective control of the person driving it. The required documents will be mandatory for a vehicle plying under the Inter-country Non-Transport Vehicle Rules during the period of stay in the host country.

New rules for foreign guests

, Valid Registration Certificate.

, Valid Driving License or International Driving Permit, as applicable.

, A valid insurance policy.

, A valid pollution control certificate (if applicable in the country of origin).

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