Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Ukraine crisis may cost beer, know the reason

Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Ukraine crisis may cost beer, know the reason


new Delhi. Due to the war that broke out in Russia-Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine Conflict), there is a stir in the markets around the world. With the escalation of the Russia-Ukraine Crisis, its impact has started showing in different regions. Experts believe that soon the prices of beer are going to rise. If the war in Russia-Ukraine does not end soon, the price of beer sold in summer will skyrocket.

Russia produces 180 million tonnes of barley annually
Russia is the largest producer of barley beer, while Ukraine ranks fourth in the world in producing barley. Russia produces 180 million tonnes of barley annually, while Ukraine produces 9.5 million tonnes of barley annually.

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According to broking firm Motilal Oswal, the Russia-Ukraine crisis may affect the margins of beer companies and may see an increase in beer prices in the coming times. Due to the tension between the two countries, the supply of barley may be affected. Due to this, there is a possibility of increase in the cost of beer in summer.

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India’s real estate sector will be affected by Russia-Ukraine war
According to experts, the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war can also have an impact on the real estate sector in India and in the coming months, the prices of houses here will also increase. According to experts, the cost of transportation will increase due to expensive raw materials. The impact of this on the supply chain will increase the prices of raw materials. Due to this the cost of construction activities will increase.

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