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BENGALURU: The Russia-Ukraine conflict has pushed thousands of Russian IT professionals to relocate to Turkey, the UAE, Armenia, Georgia, and Southeast Asian and Baltic countries.
The Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC) estimates that approximately 50,000–55,000 IT professionals have decided to leave the country. The migration flow in March was called the “first wave of relocation of IT specialists.’
“The problem with the shortage of IT personnel was the main negative factor hindering the development of the digital economy and import substitution, even in 2020-2021. At that time, we still did not know what awaited us at the beginning of 2022 – completely new processes and phenomena that radically changed the digital environment in the Russian Federation in a couple of weeks,” the association said. The turbulence is due to sanctions and the departure of IT giants and Western platforms, said association director Sergey Plugotarenko.
The statement on the apex body’s website showed that it is trying every possible way to contain this flow and is working on measures to support the industry. At the end of February, a working group and operational headquarters were created under the Ministry of Digital Development, which prepared proposals for measures to support IT specialists. On March 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed and published a decree on new measures to support the IT industry.
The Federal Tax Service data showed that the number of registered self-employed in Russia already exceeds 4 million people. Some of them are involved in the economy as part of platform employment. According to the RAEC, by 2024 the number of platform employees may exceed 10 million people. “The average age of the self-employed is 35 years old, that is, they are young and active people, many of whom are employed in the IT field. The loss of this layer of specialists can lead to negative consequences not only economically, but also social and demographic,” it said.


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