SBI Card is lost, do this work immediately, otherwise there may be loss

SBI Card is lost, do this work immediately, otherwise there may be loss


new Delhi. The cases of banking fraud are increasing continuously in the country. These frauds are making people a victim of their fraud in new ways. In today’s time, if you make a small mistake, then you can get hurt. However, by keeping some things in mind, you can avoid being a victim of online fraud. If your credit card is lost or stolen by someone, then it should be blocked immediately, otherwise anyone can misuse it and withdraw your money. If you lose your SBI credit card, then you may face trouble, so you should know the process of blocking it.

Axis card is also blocked through SMS
You can block SBI credit card in many ways. The special thing is that you can also block it through an SMS. Sending this message is very easy.

To block your card, send BLOCK XXXX to 5676791. Here XXXX is the last 4 digits of your card number. Make sure to send SMS from mobile number registered with credit card.

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PIN is not necessary for payment of up to Rs 5000 with a contactless card
Let us inform that the card equipped with contactless technology also offers ‘Tap and Pay’ facility i.e. payment can be made by simply tapping on the POS machine without swiping the card. With a contactless card, you can pay up to Rs 5000 without entering a PIN.

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