Scan QR Code and get money! SBI said – this cannot happen, be careful


new Delhi. Paying online has its advantages and disadvantages as well. If necessary, be careful. If you use online payment or mobile payment without taking care, then fraud does not take much time. India’s largest public sector bank State Bank of India has alerted its customers and appealed to be careful before doing any QR scanner.

State Bank of India has told its customers that you never need to scan the QR code to get money. Scanning the QR code means that you are sending money and not receiving money.

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SBI tweeted
Scan QR code and get money?
This is the wrong number. Be careful with QR code scans! Think before you can, have you scanned any unknown QR code, is it an unverified QR code. Be careful and be safe.

What is the use of QR code?
QR scan is always used to give money and not to get money. So, if you ever get a message or email asking you to get money by scanning a QR code, never scan that code. Obviously this would be a scam. If you scanned the QR code, it will not take long for your bank account to become empty.

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History of QR Codes
QR codes are a two-dimensional machine that has the ability to read barcodes. This technology is used for making mobile payments at Point of Sale (Sale Center). A large amount of information can be stored in QR codes. This technology was invented in the 90s by a Japanese company Denso Wave.

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