Seeing the packet, you will understand how healthy your food is, the government's big preparation

Seeing the packet, you will understand how healthy your food is, the government’s big preparation


new Delhi. Not only the common man, but the government is also worried about the quality of packaged food. To deal with this, health star rating for packaged goods will start soon.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) will do health ratings of all packaged products, so that the consumer can know at the sight of how harmful his purchased product is for health. A top FSSAI official said that the objective of Health Star Rating (HSR) is to bring consumers towards healthy eating, so that Indians can be saved from getting sick due to poor lifestyle.

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Rating will be decided on these parameters
The FSSAI official said that the health rating of the products will be decided on the basis of the amount of salt, sugar and fat present in it. Its information will be given on the front page of the packet itself. This preparation is being done after the research report of IIM Ahmedabad, in which it was told that giving information on the front page of the packet will have more impact on the consumers.

Survey was done on 20 thousand people
FSSAI CEO Arun Singhal told that IIM Ahmedabad conducted a survey with about 20 thousand people across the country and found out how the society can be turned towards healthy eating. He said that through this change, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes, BP etc. will be prevented.

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Information is still behind on the packet
FSSAI has already given instructions to give nutrient information present in the products, but companies still give it on the back side of the packet. IIM Ahmedabad (IIM-A) suggested that providing information on the front page will show more impact. This standard is followed in countries such as Britain, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia.

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