Send WhatsApp message without showing mobile number, just have to do this small work

New Delhi. Instant messaging app WhatsApp has made an important place in our life. Now most people have started using WhatsApp instead of SMS. Now they find it easier and better to use WhatsApp instead of SMS. Photos, videos, messages, documents, PDFs can be sent on WhatsApp, whereas this cannot be done in SMS. There is currently no such feature on WhatsApp, with the help of which you can hide your number. Here we are telling you about such tricks, with the help of which you can send messages without showing the number.
Use landline number..

– clone WhatsApp to register landline number on WhatsApp
Enter the landline number in the clone app of WhatsApp
Now click on call me option to get OTP from here

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After that enter OTP
By doing this, your landline number will be saved on WhatsApp and now you can send messages without showing mobile number.
You can hide your real number with the help of temporary or virtual number. For this, you can use services like Text Now and Virtual Phone.

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WhatsApp launched the Disappearing Messages feature several months ago. The feature of this feature was that it automatically deletes incoming messages on WhatsApp within 7 days. To use this feature, you have to activate the feature by going to account settings.

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