Share Market Today: Bears hold on the market, metal gets stronger if banks sell


Stock Market Today: On Thursday, on the day of weekly expiry, the Indian stock market closed on the red mark like yesterday. Today Nifty 50 closed at the level of 17222.80 with a fall of 22.90 points or 0.13 percent, while the Sensex (BSE Sensex Today) closed at 57595.68 with a fall of 89.14 points or 0.15 percent. The biggest decline was seen in banks. Nifty Bank closed at 35527.10 with a fall of 620.25 points or 1.72 percent today.

Talking about the sectors, greenery was seen in the metal sector like yesterday. It closed with -% growth. Nifty IT saw a rise of –%. Banks, finance and auto were included in the three big sectors that fell. They closed down 1.04%, 0.88%, and 0.55% respectively. The advance-decline ratio of Nifty50 stood at 23/27, meaning 23 shares were up, while 27 shares stood on the red mark at the close of trading. There was also one share in which no change was seen.

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What does the fall of India Wix mean?
Today India Wicks means the meter of fear has calmed down a bit. It has come down by 3.30% to 23.93 compared to yesterday. Not sure, but the calmness of India Vicks points towards an uptrend in the market. Therefore it is possible that tomorrow’s market opened higher than today’s. However, many external factors also play a role in the opening and closing of the market, such as the global stock market and geo-political conditions.

Nifty50 highest growing stocks
Dr. Ready Labs – 4.72%
Coal India – 2.19 %
UltraTech – 1.77%
Hindalco – 1.72%
JSW Steel – 1.5%

Nifty50’s biggest losers
Kotak Bank – 3.1%
Titan – 2.6%
HDFC Bank – 2.46%
ICICI Bank – 1.96%
HDFC – 1.66 %

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