Shares of companies making drones will be seen flying!  These 4 stocks can give good returns

Shares of companies making drones will be seen flying! These 4 stocks can give good returns


New Delhi. You must also know that the coming time is of Drones. Although it is rarely used in India so far, but it will be used on a large scale in the future. The Government of India has also talked about the use of drones to spray crops in the budget this time. Apart from this, the government has banned the import of drones from abroad, although the parts used to make drones can be ordered. In such a situation, the companies making drones in India are happy.

Not all of the companies that make drones in India are listed on the stock market, but big companies are listed. Today we are going to tell you about 4 such companies, which are working in this field and there is a strong possibility of increasing their sales in the coming time. Investing in their stocks can be a profitable deal. But as always, keep in mind that the stock market is subject to all kinds of risks. You must consult a certified investment advisor before investing.

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Paras Defense and Space

This company is a Tier 2 defense engineering firm that provides many products and solutions related to security. The company’s subsidiary, Paras Aerospace, is based in the NCR and has recently entered into agreements with UAV manufacturing firms from Israel, Latvia and Italy.

For those who do not know, let them know that UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. To put in more simple language, such vehicles that fly in the sky without humans. Yes, the drone, which can be controlled by the person sitting below and can fly in the air.

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So this partnership of Paras Aerospace will help in establishing it as a leader among drone manufacturers in the country. After the close of the market on February 11, the company’s stock is at Rs 671.25 on NSE. The company’s market cap is Rs 2,617.88 crore. In this the promoters’ holding is 58.94%.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

In the stock market it is known as HAL. It is a government controlled company. It also works in making defense equipment like Paras Defense. It has also partnered with Israeli UAV manufacturers. This company is engaged in making Tejas and other Indian Air Force aircraft for India.
It dominates the stock market. The company is in profit continuously for the last 4 years. In this, DIIs and FIIs hold 18.25% and 3.15% stake respectively. Its market cap is Rs 46,143.80 crore.

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Zen Technologies

This small cap company also works in the field of defense. This company manufactures drones. The company manufactures drones as per the requirement of its clients such as Heavy Lift Logistic Drone and Anti Drone System (ZADS). Promoters currently hold 60.19% stake in the company. The good thing is that this company is almost debt free.

The company’s stock has more than doubled since August last year. After the market closed on February 11, the stock price was Rs 217.70 per share.

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Rattan India Enterprises

This company was mainly in the work of power generation and distribution, but later it has also started work in the drone business. For its drone business, it has established its subsidiary NeoSky India. The company is working on a plan to invest in the US to build urban drone logistics.

This company with a market cap of Rs 7,084.13 crore does not have any debt. According to the data for the quarter ended December 2021, the promoters of the company hold 74.8% stake. Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) also hold 9.03% stake in this. Its stock closed at Rs 51.25 on February 11.

(Disclaimer: Investing in the stock market is subject to risks. If you wish to invest in any of these, please consult a Certified Investment Advisor first. Tech for FTCP will not be responsible for any profit or loss caused by you.)

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