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Shock for Home Buyers! India’s real estate sector will be affected by Russia-Ukraine war, prices of houses may increase


new Delhi. Due to the war that broke out in Russia-Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine Conflict), there is a stir in the markets around the world. India’s economy can also be affected by this. It is being said that due to the crisis in Russia and Ukraine, the price of cement in India may increase. According to experts, the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war can also have an impact on the real estate sector in India and in the coming months, the prices of houses here will also increase.

According to experts, the cost of transportation will increase due to expensive raw materials. The effect of this on the supply chain will increase the prices of raw materials. Due to this the cost of construction activities will increase. RBI may change its accommodation stance to prevent inflation from rising. This will have an impact on the interest rates of the home loan.

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Crude oil has crossed $100 per barrel
Crude oil prices have already crossed $100 per barrel. There has been a big decline in the stock markets around the world. However, oil prices were rising for the last 2 months. The reason for this was the disruption in the global supply chain due to the Ukraine crisis.

Pressure will increase on cement makers
Harshvardhan Patodia, president of the Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI), an organization of real estate companies, said that the cement makers were already under pressure from the rising prices of raw materials and energy. Now the pressure on them will increase.

The prices of the projects are expected to increase further in the coming time.
Patodia said, “Eventually this effect will also be visible on the real estate industry. Developers have increased the prices of the project due to the increase of 20-30 percent in the raw material prices. Real estate industry experts say that the prices of the projects are likely to increase further in the coming times.

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