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Shock to the air travelers! Air fare hike on all busy routes including Delhi-Mumbai, know the reason


Aviation Turbine Fuel Price Hike: The effect of the increase in the prices of aircraft fuel (ATF) is starting to be visible. To reduce the impact of oil hit, airlines have increased passenger fares. Due to this move of the airlines, the airfare has almost doubled on some routes.

Average fares on busy routes like Delhi-Mumbai, Hyderabad-Delhi and Chennai-Delhi have gone up by 50-60 more than a year ago.

Passengers planning to fly from Delhi to Mumbai, India’s busiest route between March 21 and 31, will have to pay around Rs 7,956 for a one-way ticket fare. Data from online travel portal Ixigo shows that this fare is almost 60% higher than the fare a year ago.

The cost of one-way tickets for flights on Hyderabad-Delhi, Chennai-Delhi and Mumbai-Bengaluru routes for the same period is Rs 8,253, Rs 9,767 and Rs 6,469 respectively. This rent is 60%, 64% and 44% more respectively than the rent of a year ago. The fare of Kolkata-Delhi Fare has increased by 43 percent and the fare of Delhi-Bengaluru has increased by 36 percent.

According to Alok Bajpai, CEO, Alok Bajpai, the airfares on busy routes have increased due to the record increase in jet fuel prices. However, despite rising airfares, the demand for both domestic and international travel is strengthening for the coming summer season.

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