Smart Investment Tips: On Valentine's Day, couples should make such an investment strategy, life will become easier

Smart Investment Tips: On Valentine’s Day, couples should make such an investment strategy, life will become easier


New Delhi. Even though February is the shortest month of the year, but when it comes to love and self, it is considered to be the biggest. This Valentine’s Day you also have a chance to share financial love with emotional love.

We are talking about the financial planning of the couple. Through financial love, you can secure the future of each other and family. Vikas Singhania, CEO, Trade Smart, tells you some smart tips that you can use to make the journey of life free from financial worries.

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Cherish dreams that are common to both
It is most important for any couple to decide that both of them move towards such goals which are common. They have to share their ideas with each other and then come up with a concrete plan to make their dreams come true. Young couples have a lot of luxury time, which allows them to think and do big.

Create a strategy to control expenses
How to achieve the dream will depend on the players who contribute towards achieving it. If both the partners will earn in future, then the goal becomes easy. The most important part of dreaming big and achieving it is maintaining the lifestyle. For this, control your expenses in a systematic way.

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stay away from lenders
Take a loan or borrow from someone only when there is a real need to take it. It is said that if you can spend on things that you do not need, then you may have to compromise on those things which you really need. Loan should be taken for such properties whose value is likely to increase in future.

Make sure to have family insurance
Getting the head of the family insured is the most important thing to secure your family. This provides protection against any loss in the regular income of the household. Using insurance for children can become a means of saving. Health insurance is important for the safety of all the members of the family. It can save your entire savings from being spent in case of emergency.

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Investment and tax saving planning
Prepare your investment strategy in such a way that there is no glitch in the system. Invest wisely by availing discounts and deductions. With this, not only will you be able to save tax, but you will be able to make big capital in future by investing in better instruments. Prepare for high returns by taking risks according to your age.

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