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Sniper Elite 5, the upcoming third-person stealth shooter by British game developer Rebellion Developments, has got a confirmed release date. The game will launch across PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store and Windows Store) on May 26, 2022.
You’ll reprise the role of Karl Fairburne in the game series once again in Sniper Elite 5 and this time, you are going to France where you will have to uncover the mystery of Operation Kraken of the Nazis. Sniper Elite III was set in Africa while Sniper Elite 4 featured missions set in Italy, both during the Second World War.
The game comes with an enhanced kill cam. It also includes different traversal modes to add more variety to the gameplay. For example, you’ll be able to make use of ziplines in the maps. You can also slide down the hilly slopes and shimmy along the ledges. The gunplay physics factors in various parts of the rifle which have an effect on your sniping, along with gravity, wind direction and your heart rate.
The Invasion Mode: A game of cat and mouse
The developers have added a new game mode in co-op play where” the invading Axis Sniper will have the sole aim to eliminate the player while the Allied Sniper will gain an extra objective: take out the invader.”
In this mode, the Axis invader can take the help of the AI Axis force to find the location of the Allied player. The Axis sniper can also instruct soldiers in the range to ‘Stay Sharp’ which will enhance their awareness. If you get success as an Axis sniper, you’ll get rewards like weapons, items and skin unlock.
The Allied sniper has also got some tricks up his sleeve. The sniper can make use of the invasion phones scattered around the map to know the last known location of the Axis sniper. However, the Allied sniper will have to use this resource smartly as these phones can be booby-trapped and also, overusing them will give away the location. If you succeed as an Allied sniper in taking out your opponent, you will earn weapon and character skins.
You can read more about the game here.


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