...so Wipro's founder Azim Premji would have been a citizen of Pakistan!

…so Wipro’s founder Azim Premji would have been a citizen of Pakistan!


New Delhi. Founder of Wipro Azim Premji (Azim Premji) was born in 1945. About two years before India’s independence. Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted his (Azeem Premji) family to stay in Pakistan instead of living in India, but this was not possible. Had his family moved to Pakistan at the time of independence, Aziz Azim Premji, every heart of Indians, would have been a citizen of Pakistan.

Azim Premji’s father Mohammad Hashim Premji was a big businessman of India. They came to India from Burma and established rice business here. However, he also had a big rice business in Burma (now Myanmar) and was known as the Rice King of Burma. Then in 1945, he had to change his business due to the policies of the English government.

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Jinnah had called Pakistan

Before India became independent, the Congress Party had a National Planning Committee. Like this committee, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, wanted his party (Muslim League Party) to have a separate planning committee. This thing is from 1944 before independence. Jinnah wanted that educated and intelligent Muslims should be included in that committee. Jinnah had offered Mohammad Hashim Premji to join this committee.

Not only this, when it was confirmed that India and Pakistan were going to become two separate countries, even then Mohammad Ali Jinnah wanted the Premji family to stay in Pakistan. Mohammad Ali Jinnah also offered Azim Premji to become the Finance Minister of Pakistan, which he rejected. Moreover, he also refused to live in a country which was built on the basis of one religion.

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Azim Premji’s father Mohammad Hashim decided to live in a secular country. If Premji had gone to Pakistan, India would not have had a star like Azim Premji today. We have written a separate story on how Azim Premji raised Wipro and how his life was, you can read it here – Azim Premji,

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