Someone took loan on Sunny Leone's PAN, what is the condition of your PAN card?  Find out sitting at home like this

Someone took loan on Sunny Leone’s PAN, what is the condition of your PAN card? Find out sitting at home like this


new Delhi. Aadhar and PAN have become very essential documents nowadays. Many works cannot be done without them now. In financial works, work cannot be done without PAN now. As their trend is increasing, in the same way the fraud related to them (PAN Related Frauds) is also increasing. A scam related to PAN has just come to the fore.

Loan has been taken on the PAN card of some people from an app, that too without their knowledge. When these people saw their credit score, it came to know that a loan has been taken against their PAN. According to a report by Times of India, loan has been taken from Dhani App of Fintech company Indiabulls. With this, you can get an idea of ​​how important it is to keep getting information about your PAN card from time to time.

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Even Sunny Leone was not spared

Not only has loan been taken on PAN card of common people from Dhani App, but celebrities have also been duped from it. Somebody took a loan of Rs 2000 on actress Sunny Leone’s PAN card (sunny Leone PAN Frauds). Giving information about this by tweeting, Sunny Leone said that this has spoiled her CIBIL score. However, as the ruckus escalated, Sunny Leone deleted the tweet.

Many people are complaining on social media

According to a report in Times of India, many people are complaining on social media about someone else taking loan on their PAN without their knowledge. Indiabulls has also admitted that it has received a complaint about loan fraud on Dhani App and the company is investigating it. Dhani App has given loans to about 35 lakh people in the last 12 months. This app has 5 crore downloads from Google Play Store.

How to Check PAN Details (How to Check PAN History)

The facility of Form 26AS has been provided by the Income Tax Department, through which you can easily know the details of your PAN card. This form contains complete information about where your PAN card has been used. To download it, you have to login by visiting the official website of Income Tax Department You can also download this form from TRACES portal.

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how to complain

If you have any complaint related to your PAN, then you can make a complaint online on the Income Tax Portal. First of all you have to go to Then fill the requested information here and click on submit. After that register your complaint here.

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