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Microsoft and Sony have been fighting to win the console war for over a decade now. In order to do that, both the companies have launched several programs and benefits for users and one of them was the PS Now and Xbox Games Pass subscription services.
However, when it comes to the benefits of these two subscription services, Microsoft clearly has an edge over Sony, just because it offers a huge collection of games for free with new options getting added almost every month. Which is huge compared to PlayStation Now’s two games a month.
Bloomberg has now reported that Sony is planning to take on the Game Pass with its new subscription service called Spartacus.
According to the report, the rumoured PlayStation subscription service is likely to combine both PS Now and PS Plus features and will also include a free game collection similar to Microsoft Game Pass.
However, the tipster claims that the service won’t receive the latest titles the day of their launch, as it happens with some games on Game Pass.
Currently, there are no details available on the pricing of the Spartacus. But, Bloomberg has reported a while back that Sony might offer it in three tiers that will cost $10, $13 and $16 per month. The most expensive tier will offer a catalogue of games along with PS Now game streaming and pre-release trials. While the mid-tier will only come with a Game Pass-like free game catalogue.
Apart from that, it is rumoured that Sony is planning to launch this service as soon as next week.


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