Special facility going to start at 30 railway stations of the country, know who will benefit

Special facility going to start at 30 railway stations of the country, know who will benefit


New Delhi. 30 railway stations across the country are being made accessible for persons with disabilities. For which Standard Chartered Bank has partnered with ‘Anuprayas and Samarthanam Trust’. This has been done under the Bank’s Seeing is Believing initiative, which has prevented avoidable blindness and visual impairment.

The objective of this project is to help people with visual impairments, wheelchair users and hearing impaired people to travel independently and with dignity by reducing their dependence on others during travel.

Will get these facilities
1. Guiding Braille signs on platforms and railings to identify platform numbers and facilities.
2. Braille general sign for facilities such as male female toilet.
3. Reflector strips on stairs for people with low vision
4. Braille Map of the Station
5. Braille Information Booklets at Inquiry Counters
6. QR code to view video in sign language about the station
7. Portable ramps and wheelchairs for boarding the differently-abled coaches.

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Thane station will be ready first
Thane station will be the first to be ready, while all facilities will be made available at 30 railway stations by April 1, 2022. Some of the major railway stations to be provided facilities under this project are Egmore, Chennai, Bandra, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Mathura, Agra, Secunderabad and Jaipur.

More than 21 million people affected by disability in India
India is the second most populous country in the world and more than 21 million people are affected by various disabilities. These people are poor and come from weak socio-economic background and are highly dependent on public transport including railway stations for their movement. Railway stations act as a major mode of transport for these differently-abled passengers who travel locally across the country on a daily basis. Yet there is a lack of better facilities in public places to help people with disabilities travel independently.

Commenting on this initiative, Karuna Bhatia, Head, Department of Sustainability, Standard Chartered Bank, India said, “Making railway stations accessible to persons with disabilities is a positive step in our journey towards being an inclusive organization. We always strive to bring alive the good brand promise of the Bank by working towards effecting real change and this is one such program. While we still have a long way to go, this project under our ‘Seeing is Believing’ initiative reaffirms our commitment to increase access and remove barriers for people with disabilities.

Mahantesh GK, Founder Managing Trustee, Samarthanam Trust for Persons with Disabilities, said, “We are looking forward to being selected as an NGO partner to implement the initiative to make railway stations accessible to persons with disabilities in 30 railway stations across 16 states in the country. Thanks to Chartered Bank. This support will enable people with disabilities to travel independently with safety, security and dignity.

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