Start this business with only 25 thousand rupees, every month you will earn ₹ 50 thousand, know everything


Business Idea: Today we are telling you about such a business which you can easily start and earn big amount. You can start this business by investing only 25 thousand rupees and in return you can earn about 50 thousand rupees every month. This is the business of the car washing business. Let us know how you can start it.
Professional or commercial machines of car washing also come up to one lakh rupees. But until it is not known whether there are so many cars coming to your place or not, which can cover its cost, it should not go on it. Commercial machines in the market start from Rs 12,000. In these, if you get a motor of two horsepower, then it will cost about 14 thousand rupees, which includes everything from pipe to nozzle. Apart from this, you will have to take a 30 liter vacuum cleaner which will be available for around 9 to ten thousand rupees. Washing items in which shampoo, gloves, tire polish and dashboard polish can be taken for five liters, then all together will come to about Rs 1700.

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keep these things in mind

To open a car washing center, first of all you have to see a good location where there is a society or a market for car related things. This is because there is more movement of people there. But take the shop in such a place where there is parking space or vehicles can easily come. If the shop is yours, then even better, you can start your washing work with a mechanic’s shop by paying half the rent to it. This will also save money and you will also be able to see how the response is in that area.

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How will you earn?

Car washing charges also depend on the cities. In small cities, where small cars such as Alto, WagonR, Kwid cars get washed for Rs 150, while in big cities, they charge up to Rs 250 for cars like this, while cars like this bigger cars like Swift DZire, Hyundai Verna are charged 350. And SUVs are charged up to Rs 450.

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