Start this profitable business at low cost, will earn up to 2 lakhs every month, know how to start?

Start this profitable business at low cost, will earn up to 2 lakhs every month, know how to start?


New Delhi. If you are also thinking of starting a new business, then today we are going to tell you about a new and profitable business idea. This business is related to agriculture. If you also want to earn good money through agriculture, then today we will tell you the name of such a product, whose demand remains throughout the year.

Today we are telling you about cumin farming. Cumin is used daily in all homes in India. Many medicinal properties are also found in cumin, due to which its demand doubles.

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How to cultivate cumin?
Sandy loam and loamy soils are considered better for the cultivation of cumin. Cultivation of cumin can be done easily in such soil. Before sowing it is necessary that the field preparation should be done properly. For this, the field should be well plowed and made well crumbly. In the field where cumin is to be sown, weeds should be removed from that field and cleaned.

What are the good varieties of cumin?
The names of three varieties are prominent among the good varieties of cumin. The varieties RZ 19 and 209, RZ 223 and GC 1-2-3 are considered good. The seeds of these varieties mature in 120-125 days. The average yield of these varieties is 510 to 530 kg per hectare. Therefore, good income can be earned by growing these varieties.

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How much will you earn?
Now talking about the yield and earning from it, then the average yield of cumin seeds becomes 7-8 quintal seeds per hectare. About Rs 30,000 to 35,000 per hectare is spent in the cultivation of cumin. If the price of cumin is taken as Rs 100 per kg, then a net profit of Rs 40000 to 45000 per hectare can be achieved. In such a situation, if cumin is grown in 5 acres of cultivation, then an income of Rs 2 to 2.25 lakh can be earned.

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