Earning opportunity with Railway!  Start your business in ₹ 4000, will earn up to 80000 monthly, know how to start?

Start this superhit business by leaving your job, it will be easy to earn 5 to 10 lakhs, know how to start?


new Delhi. If you are also planning to start a business idea, then this is the news of your work. Today we will tell you about such a business (How to start own business), through which you can earn up to 5 lakh rupees every month. Let us tell you that there is a lot of demand for cardboard these days. Cardboard is most needed in online business. Nowadays, cardboard is needed for the packaging of all goods, big and small.

By starting this business, you can earn bumper profits and the special thing is that its demand remains the same throughout the year, that is, the slowdown in this business may have to be reduced a lot. Let us tell you how you can earn from 5 to 10 lakhs every month.

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How much raw material is needed?
Talking about raw material, kraft paper is the most important thing to start this business. You get it in the market for about 40 rupees per kg. Let us tell you that the better your kraft paper, the better will be the quality of the box.

How much space will be needed?
To start this business, you will need about 5000 square feet of space because in this business you have to set up a plant as well as build a warehouse to keep the goods. You should not start the business of cardboard box in a crowded place because in such a situation you will have trouble in bringing and carrying the goods. Most people do this business on a large scale only.

machine is also needed
There are two types of machines in this business, the first is Semi Automatic Machine and the second is Fully Automatic Machine.

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Know how much will be the profit?
If we talk about profit in this business, then its demand remains the same throughout the year and during the Corona period, the demand for such boxes has seen a lot. The special thing is that the profit margin in this business is also very high, if you are able to make customers and do good marketing, then starting this business can easily earn 5 to 10 lakh rupees every month.

How much will you have to invest?
Talking about investment, if you want to do it on a small level, then you will have to invest less. Let us tell you that the machines used in this business are expensive. If you take a semi automatic machine, then you will have to invest up to 20 lakhs. At the same time, up to 50 lakh rupees will be spent for a full automatic machine.

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