Started business with 2 sewing machines, today she has become the mistress of crores

Started business with 2 sewing machines, today she has become the mistress of crores


new Delhi. Mumbai-born fashion designer Anita Dongre is famous all over the world today. Anita started her business with 2 sewing machines and today due to those two sewing machines, she has reached such a point that she does not need any introduction. On the basis of his talent and skill, he has built his own fashion business. Today her designs are sold under 4 brands ‘And’, ‘Global Desi’, ‘Anita Dongre’ and ‘Anita Dongre Grassroots’ worldwide. Anita, who has been active in the fashion world for almost 30 years, has recently completed 2 decades of her brand. In the country, the top women of the business world are starting new businesses along with making deals worth billions of dollars. They are acquiring companies and building brands. Anita is one of the most powerful business women of 2017. Know the story of their journey..

Started this business 20 years ago
Anita says that I started my brand about 20 years ago but I have been in the fashion business for 30 years. I first worked from home. My beginning was very small. I completed my graduation in designing from SNDT Bumans University, Mumbai. When I decided to start my own fashion business, I started working with 2 sewing machines in the balcony of my house with my younger sister.

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Now works with 2000 people
Anita says that she was in love with the designs. About 30 years ago, a master used to sit and think about a new design with ji and two tailors. My work is almost the same even today. The only difference is that today I am working with around 2000 people.

The first fashion label was launched in 1999
The name of my first fashion label was ‘Mass’. I had named it after my younger sister but at that time no store was selling clothes under my label. In fact my first brand was launched in 1999. Then the Anita brand was the first to start making dresses like simple trousers for women. These garments were for women who were working, traveling. She wanted to wear such clothes which would give her a global look.

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The first sewing machines were bought with the money of the exhibition
While studying in college, Anita had done 2 fashion exhibitions. After which his father gave him some money. Then she was able to make a collection with Rs 5000 which was sent to a boutique in Mumbai. That collection was sold out in a single week. He believes that creating new designs and seeing people wearing your clothes is a different feeling.

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