steam:  Steam Deck solves the Windows 11 ‘problem’ with a new beta update - Times of India

steam: Steam Deck solves the Windows 11 ‘problem’ with a new beta update – Times of India


Valve has supported installing third-party operating systems on Steam Deck since the beginning. The company started shipping the console earlier in 2022. It comes with a Nintendo Switch-like design with the open hardware and software of a PC. Valve mostly focuses on its own SteamOS platform for the console, but it also allows installing other operating systems.
For a more functional experience, the company also released official Windows drivers in March. However, users could only install Windows 10 initially as the TPM model needed to install Windows 11 wasn’t enabled. Valve has now addressed this issue with a new BIOS update that will now include official support for Windows 11. This update will be available in the beta channel for testing before it is released to all users.
The patch includes TPM for AMD chipsets which will allow players to use exclusive OS features and several other improvements like — the ability to type with dual trackpads.
However, users have to now choose between Microsoft’s platform or Steam OS. The absence of dual-booting support on the Steam Deck console is likely to discourage users from trying out Windows 11 on their device. Nevertheless, Microsoft’s latest operating system is gaining popularity with Steam users across the platform. Valve’s SteamOS is still a big part of the micromachine and the platform has the potential to become more popular as the experience gets better.
Valve has expanded support for USB docks and power supplies apart from enabling the TPM module for Windows 11. The company wrote in an announcement, “You can opt into this by going to Settings > System on your Steam Deck, and selecting Beta from the OS Update Channel. Again, this OS and BIOS are still in beta and being tested, so only opt-in if you would like to try it out and provide feedback.”
We can expect the latest version to be rolled to users soon if there aren’t any critical bugs.


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